Friday, June 1, 2007

Qalubiya Governorate

Qalubiya Governorate is located in the Nile east region near the head of the Delta.It is barred from the south by both Cairo and Giza governorates , From the north by Dakahlia and Gharbia governorates , from the east by El-Sharkia governorate and from the west by El-Monofia governorate.Regarding the special location of governorate it is considered the meeting point of the main transport lines between the northern governorates
The governorate population is calculated on 1/1/2000 by about ( 3586385) with about 1852119 males and 1734267 females.The urban citizens are estimated as 1456626 and the rural citizen are estimated as 2129759 citizens
The administrative distribution
The Qalubiya governorate consists of 7 local units for provinces and towns and two towns , two districts , 46 rural local units , 195 affiliated and 901 fiefs and small villages
The governorate area:
The total area of the governorate is estimated as 1001.09 km2. The cultivated area is about 192952 fedins which are 810 km which equals 81% of total area.
The national feast of the governorate
The governorate celebrate annually the national feast on the thirtieth of August which was the same date opening El- Kanater El- Khairia in 1868 which is one of the advantages of the governorate as tourists and visitors from the whole Republic come to watch the beautiful natural scenery , the parks and orchards which occupy about 500 feeding of the city.
The most important things which the governorate is famous for
The governorate is famous for its agriculture production from crops, fruit and vegetables. The most important crops , are maize , cotton , wheat , citrus , banana , apricot and kinds of vegetables. Moreover, the governorate has the biggest industrial complex in Shoubra EL- Kheima where there a lot of factories for instance , spinning factories , Electrical cables factories , plastic , cars and oil refinery factories plus food industries and packing and metallurgical industries. Besides , the industrial region in Abo Zaabel city which famous for fertilizers and chemical industries , etc… And the governorate is constructing an integral industrial region in El-Khanka city.
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