Tuesday, May 8, 2007


Matrouh is the largest governorate in Egypt . IT is located in the north. West along 450 km . up to the Libyan borders . IT is stretched For 400 km in the depth of the desert in the south . the area of Matrouh is 166563 km2 while its population is 278048 people
Matrouh governorate is located in the north. west of Egypt stretched From [the 61 km] in the west of Alexandria up to the Egyptian- Libyan borders [salloum ]. IT stretched For 450 km along the Mediterranean sea and 400 km in the depth of the desert in the south of siwa Qasi . Alexandria and EL-Behira are adiacent to Matrouh to the east and the new valley and Giza to the south
The are of Matrouh is 166563 km2 “20% “of The total area of Egypt .
Populated Area
Populated area includes dwelling area , remote houses , utilities , graveyards , ponds , wasteland , and cultivated land.
Matrouh governorate can be geographically divided into Five sectors

1- Coastal sector
It is a plain patalleled to the Mediterranean sea Coast . Its area is 25-60 km consisted of deposits which were born by heauy rain
2- Libyan Hill
It adjoins the plain in the south . It is considered a high surface stretched to sedra Guif in the west at Tripoli in libya .
3- Qattarah Depression
It begins Fram the south of El- Alamein at distance 31km . It isagreat depression in which government studies the ability of generating electricity by digging a canal that links the Medi terranean sea water to the depression, but this project hasn't Finished yet be cause of minefields which hinder a lot of development projects in Matrauh
4- Oases Area
It adjoins Siwa oasis which is located under the sea level about 17 m . It contains a lot of water springs which are enough to local Consumption and provide thousands of Feddans with water . Siwa is located in the south – west of Matrouh and at 300 km in the south of Marsa Matrouh.
5- Moving Sand Area
It begins From the South – west of Matrouh ond it is Sometimes Called the Great Sandsea . thesoil of this area is very soft sand,heavy and stretched For thousands of kilometers.

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Amun, King of Gods, appeared during the Old Kingdom as a member of the eight cosmic gods of Hermopolis. Early on, Amun was a minor god of the city of Thebes, where he eventually flourished and gained prominence through the political rise of that city.
By the Middle Kingdom, Amun became the one and only supreme deity in Egypt, and the lord of the Karnak Temples. Together with his wife, Mut, and their son, Khonsu, the moon god, the three formed the Theban Triad, a sort of heavenly family for their people. Each year a festival would be held celebrating the marriage of Amun and Mut.