Friday, November 23, 2007

Why was the Pharaohs Ihnton dead

Miraculous nature and overseas: Why was the Pharaohs Ihnton dead?

The Egyptians loved life, and it was important for them to continue to enjoy even after death.

The Aldvinat good part of the acceptance of death. The Egyptian-preoccupied with death, but they Samoa and time-consuming to prepare for after their death and the other world. A new scientific study showed that the ancient Egyptians were using complex mixtures of plant and animal extracts for embalming their dead.
British researchers have conducted tests for thirteen sample of the material used by the ancient Egyptians in the embalming Momciawathm. The analysis revealed the existence of a very large components, including the types of animal fats and vegetable oils, beeswax and Glues plant.
The researchers discovered that the materials that he created the Pharaohs Taxidermy was a mixture of cheap materials, and other precious and rare at that time, such as oil, rice and Juniper who were importing from outside Egypt.
The analysis showed conducted on samples taken from Momciawat belong to successive eras that the Pharaohs have developed materials Taxidermy over time by adding components of the deadly germs to protect Moumyawat of decomposition.
A study by two scholars of Chemistry, University of Bristol in Britain, in order to study the evolution of methods Taxidermy Over two thousand and three hundred years of age Pharaonic civilization
Scientists monitoring the evolution of materials Taxidermy through the change in the components during that long period of time. He Investigators are Dr. Richard Aevrashid Dr. Stephen Buckley that vegetable oils and animal fats were the basic components of materials Taxidermy.
The scientists believed that the ancient Egyptians were combined these oils and fats that were available and inexpensive limited quantities of other materials are scarce and expensive to prepare materials that were used in embalming the dead.
I think that the Egyptians Moumia place is the soul and spouse and instinct. The other goal in life is to life through Ilkka or spouse because they reservation physical form of the deceased. We have therefore developed the ancient Egyptian method Taxidermy to maintain a sound body and maintains physical features to identify the spirit, because the destruction of the body may mean extinction spirit.
The most distinguished Aldvinat restricted to kings, priests and their families and senior officials. Even those people who have not been able to get Dvinat distinct bombers to members of their families that Ejehzounam reasonable limitation of Embalming.
The operations Taxidermy takes about seventy days, and here was cleaning the body of the deceased and to cleanse the world journey begins another. The next step is to extract Guts Interior, in order to dry up the Guts To prevent erosion was placed in Nitrite, a type of salt used in the drying desert.
The Guts was damage to the tapes linen and then placed in pots Alcanobh. The clean formation stomach and filled in quantities other Nitrite. No tended Embalmers never deceased heart where I think the heart is the center of the entity and reason. The brain tissue and around the products were very carefully.

The fear of making the female face during remove the brain, that this process has become very important during Taxidermy. However, the brain was difficult to maintain and therefore I believe that the ancient Egyptians were not an important part of the body. After this process, the body covering Balntron to extract moisture from it. This has allowed the body to slowly dried and kept in its outer.
The process of drying the body takes about forty days. Here Nitrite was removed from the body, which was then wash. The body wear in hundreds of yards of linen sheets. Each finger was surrounded and then damaged unit then all of the hand or foot.
During the process of the body wrapped packages placed Amulets and Conjurations to the body and read the calls and prayers also been written in the Scrolls. It was common for a mask or similar in Moumia between reels the head. After this process has been Moumia Balratnj compromise with the Scrolls. In the end the damage to Kevin Moumia or cloth.
After ending process Moumia Taxidermy and become ready for burial, the rites and rituals begin. Here, the priests use a special feeling of the parts which were due to open for the other world. This was called the weather Tksh hole mouth. Facilitate tool used by the priest to open Hawass deceased (or retrieval) be able to deal with the deceased and his food speaks in the other world.
We believe that these ancient Egyptians Tksh also launched Alba and Ilkka to move to the other world. When completed all the rituals Moumia within coffin placed in the burial chamber and closed the cemetery and ends. The former believe in the idea of Egyptian life after death. The ancient Egyptian religions say that man can not send in the afterlife only after returning the soul to the body.
I think that the Pharaohs embalming the dead to protect his body from decomposition spirit to be able to find the body of the process of the Baath. The Pharaohs have developed methods Taxidermy over hundreds of years and they discovered that it must first remove the internal organs to protect the body from decomposition, and then addressed Glues salt and rice, oil, honey and bitumen view drying and protection of germs.
Investigators stated in the report Nscherah scientific journal Nature that the selection of the components of materials Embalming was influenced by the cost factor and throwing fashion that prevailed. If he is wealthy former Egyptians are keen to buy precious materials Taxidermy to honor their dead as some wealthy resort today for the purchase of precious Coffins and build luxurious graves


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