Monday, November 12, 2007

Egypt maintains a museum of Pharaonic pig

Cairo-b a d
Begins the Egyptian Ministry of Culture to establish a museum of Pharaonic pig Kum Ambo area south of Egypt. The museum, which is the first of its kind to include ten Momciawat pig freezer graves found in archaeological cities south and the large number of stone statues of the pig, which was Egypt's Pharaonic temples decorate sizes and different forms.
Hall and includes museum tells the history of the ancient Egyptians canonization of Temsah, who was called the machine "Subic" and copies of the fees that campaign walls of temples and narrates the relationship kings Pharaohs this machine. He said Sabri Abdel Aziz, President of the Egyptian antiquities museum, the ministry's area will be 900 square meters along the Kum Ambo pharaonic temple which allows visitors to visit the temple at the end of round
It is scheduled to be implemented at the museum according to the latest techniques Altvi supply of cold lighting and glass boxes introduced to ensure the safety of goods, and the scheme completed in 8 months, to be inaugurated end of this year in a ceremony attended by interested on Ancient Egypt and informed Egyptologist. It is noteworthy that the ancient Egyptian worship Alligator because it was believed that the spirit of god force had calmed the animal, which lived along the old River Nile


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بيثبتوا بيه البنات...

خلينا مع الصور اللى كشفته و و هو لا يعلم ان هناك كاميرا تراقبه و تراقب تصرفاته


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