Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Information on the history of the Sphinx

It is guarding the three pyramids It is a monster made of rock and the head of human body Assadullah We believe that there is an ambiguous one could not interpret a look at the far reaches of the Sahara And the kind of glory Ibg high and 18 meters And 57 meters tall 5000-year-old Why brown sphinx?? There are some inscriptions by the ancient kings of Mlcan Says that the sphinx is a form of the sun god The purpose of this statue to remove all kinds of evil Transferred from the cemetery of the pyramids The meaning of the word sphinx Balfronih (Mr.)
Re-discovery of the Sphinx of the Western world at the passage of Napoleon in Egypt in 1798, and there are too many statues of the Sphinx on the world, mostly in Egypt and the Giza And some of them as the son of the Egyptian goddess of the sun (Ra) and is thus a force and wisdom and was a symbol of the strong presence of Egypt for centuries ago, but that there is another type of the Egyptian Sphinx and the form of a scapegoat and was continued for another god (Amon) He (Onubis) guard in charge of the cemetery and embalming
Sculpture of the Sphinx Bazlte rock hard and you may also have set a smaller head of the body because the body was buried under the sand preferred to maintain a coherent structure from the elements in contrast to the desert to bury the head and revealed a number of times over the centuries, the sand removed from the body of the Sphinx fully in 1905 to reveal the beauty of this statue
Foot length of 15 m and height up to the full 45 m, 10 m high head and offer 4 p.m., and because the composition of the statue of the blessed are several layers have been eroded from other areas and kept the other form and has lost much of the fine details of the original form
The most common theory that the King Khafre (2558-2532 BCE) of the strain is the fourth property is the construction of the Sphinx, Khafre, the son of Cheops (the pyramid is the largest) and there is a straight path between the Sphinx and the pyramid East (the tomb of Khafra)
Exist between the feet of the Sphinx gate now called the gate of dreams and carving out the story, tells the story of the eighth generation, the Royal Ttmosis two tenths VI - (c.1400-1390 BCE) Thutmosis IV Nam at the top of the Sphinx, who was lying with earth until his neck. Ttmosis dream that sphinx speech and his promise to become a king but in return to free them from the desert sands and to remove the soil by
Did not know which it really happened in that period, but it seems that Ttmosis removed sand from the Sphinx then, and believed that the dream was a story fabricated for political purposes, the type of propaganda to prove its credibility and legitimacy of the King For as the ancient Egyptians believed that the gods are decided supported by the pharaoh and the next, and perhaps in this case, the Sphinx itself ..
Plate made of granite over the gate tells the story of the dream addition to the registration of the first year under the rule of Ttmosis and to the gate of dreams, there is a kind of altar, where the pagan rituals in the era of Ramses II