Thursday, May 12, 2011

Coffin of Sepi

Egyptian priests compiled funerary and ritual texts to assist the deceased during the

journey in the underworld.

The priests intended to provide the deceased with information about the journey of the sun and about the creatures and demons living in the underworld.

These texts further instructed the deceased on how to overcome all the difficulties and obstacles that would endanger the journey through the underworld. By overcoming these obstacles the deceased could achieve resurrection.

In the Old Kingdom, the so-called pyramid texts were written on the walls of the burial chambers in the pyramids. These texts were later developed into the "Coffin Texts" during the Middle Kingdom and were enhanced with illustrations of the underworld and the offering items. The coffin of Sepi provides an example of these texts.

In the New Kingdom, the Book of the Dead, another major development, portrayed the same ideas regarding the hereafter

Eternal Egypt


Margaret Pangert said...

Interesting, and the artwork is stunning.
Have you heard of of the singer Sharif el Dabaa? Amazing voice.
Are you familiar at all with the chakra system? And that the Pyramid in Egypt is considered the fifth or throat chakra of the earth?

yoli said...

very interesting