Tuesday, June 4, 2019

The irony of a simple factor

A poor worker went to the pharmacy and said to the pharmacist: Do you have a cement ointment and the pharmacist laughed at the man? Yes, we have an ointment for the stone and iron. Do you want excellent quality imported or local quality made in the country? The man said to him. The man raised his hands in front of the pharmacist and told him that I am a worker working in the architecture and suspended the cement in my hand as you see and I can not touch the face of my little girl until I play with her.

Because I am afraid of the impact of cement in my hands, they do not sleep until I hug her and kiss her and give her happiness and motivate her to success and study she was in great distress because of her rich colleagues and their ability to wear the most expensive clothes but after returning from work and sit with it was forget everything and come back Her beautiful smile, please if the excellent quality you say on it removes this cement from my hands I give it at any price. 

At that moment the pharmacist froze and froze his sarcastic laughs and the pharmacist's opinion of himself is small and also recalls how he dealt with his children with extreme and cruel and did not embrace his children long ago and no longer pamper them and never smiled at them, smiled to the worker and gave him an ointment that removes what is in his hands cracks and did not take him a price And then said the pharmacist to the worker has taught me a lesson other than me and made me miss my children and made me know that poverty is the poverty of hearts and not poverty of money.

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