Saturday, April 19, 2008

Pharaoh Akhenaten

1369-1332 BC: Amenhotep IV - Akhenaten
The Pharaoh Akhenaten was known as the Heretic King. He was the tenth King of the 18th Dynasty. Egyptologists are still tying to figure out what actually happened during his lifetime as much of the truth was buried, for all time, after he died.
Akhenaten lived at the peak of Egypt's imperial glory. Egypt had never been richer, more powerful, or more secure. Up and down the Nile, workers built hundreds of temples to pay homage to the Gods. They believed that if the Gods were pleased, Egypt would prosper. And so it did.
Akhenaten and his family lived in the great religious center of Thebes, city of the God Amun. There were thousands of priests who served the Gods. Religion was the 'business' of the time, many earning their living connected to the worship of the gods.
All indications are that as a child Akhenaten was a family outcast. Scientists are studying the fact that Akhenaten suffered from a disease called Marfan Syndrome, a genetic defect that damages the body's connective tissue. Symptoms include, short torso, long head, neck, arms, hand and feet, pronounced collarbones, pot belly, heavy thighs, and poor muscle tone. Those who inherit it are often unusually tall and are likely to have weakened aortas that can rupture. They can die at an early age. If Akhnaton had the disease each of his daughters had a 50-50 change of inheriting it. That is why his daughters are shown with similar symptoms.


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مدونه جميله ياباشا

بس محتاجه شويه دعايه

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شكرا لمرورك استاذ تامر الحقيقة انها لم تعد مصر الفراعنة للاسف ان تجار وفرسان البزنس الجدد لا يفكرون مثلما نفكر نحنى لقد سقطنا سيدى فى المستنقع وقفزوا هم يملياراتهم التى جمعوها فى غفلة من الزمن الردىءبكل ما يحمل من افكار لاتمت لعالمنا بصلة -- ليس هناك امل سوى ان نقفز نحن من المستنقع بحضارتنا واصولنا ونلملم اجزاؤنا المبعثرة اعتقد ممكن لو اردنا هناك ضوء خافت اراة يصرخ فى وهن باننا لم نسقط بعد فى القاع

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اهلا بيك

نورت المدونة


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اهلا بيك

ايدى على كتفك فى جكاية الدعاية دى


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كلامك صحيح

شىء يحزن اللى بيحصل فى مصر الان

اتمنى ان ياتى اليوم الذى تشرق فية الشمس من جديد


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3amar ya masr

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bastokka طهقانة

اخلا بيكى عزيزتى طهقانة

مصر عمار باهلها وناسها الطيبين