Tuesday, April 15, 2008

The use of lasers in renovating ancient buildings

Antiquities said at its last meeting on the request by the American Research Centre on the use of a Japanese company to carry out an archaeological survey using laser synagogues in Luxor and Karnak, for a number of digital images for use in analysis and identification of sensitive Synthetic temple buildings in certain designated areas movements of the earth. It also helps in the evaluation study changes in the level of the base loads for buildings

The newspaper world today that the Standing Committee approved the draft submitted after the presentation to the Institute of Laser Egypt for approval before implementation and action must be taken in conjunction with the projects sector Supreme Council of Antiquities

On the other hand, the Standing Committee agreed to the participation of two universities in the Americas projects in the coming period, as the University of Pennsylvania Museum of Mission, headed by Dr. Joseph and make the execution of the richest in South Abidos Sohag includes a Man in a cemetery Senusret III and the Governor's house, and restoration architect of the precise number Other graves.

As the Mission League bin Hest America updating branches in the Alaozyreon to learn modern sediment thickness and reduce the level of water lake region and the lifting of stones falling within the lake and disinfected.

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